» » » Fagus ‘sylvatica purpurea’ – upright form

Fagus ‘sylvatica purpurea’ – upright form

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Common Name: Copper Beech Tree

Current Form: Upright

Current Planted Height: Approx 4.5m

Current Width: Approx 3.5m


Root ball dimension: 900mm D x 1200mm W

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The Copper Beech Tree is a magnificent example of a field grown tree of age and grand proportion, giving character and maturity to its surrounds. This tree will grow slowly to a height of approx. 15m and spread of approx. 8-12m. This specimen deserves a special place at grand home or prime location in a urban setting. It would be well complemented being surrounded by neatly clipped layered hedging, or would be just as at home in a more natural and free lifestyle setting.

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