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Mandarin Clementine

RRP $350.00 Incl GST

Common Name: Clementine Mandarin

Current Form: Standard

Current Planted Height: Approx

Current Width: Approx


Root ball dimension: mm D / mm W




Our clementine mandarin trees are a standard form and have been 3 years in their current bag, making them mature and a valuable addition to your kitchen garden. An attractive and compact growing citrus tree. The Clementine fruit is small and seedless, with vibrant colour and excellent flavor.

Placing a tree on hold is a commitment to purchase the tree. Boulevard & Boutique require a 30% deposit on trees put on hold. Once on hold the tree will be held and maintained at the Boulevard & Boutique nursery for up to 5 months free of charge. After 5 months a husbandry fee will apply for the tree to be maintained and cared for. If you do not purchase the tree after it has been put on hold your deposit will be forfeited.