» » » Metrosideros ‘maungapiko’

Metrosideros ‘maungapiko’

Common Name: Rata and Pohutukawa natural hybrid

Current Form: Upright

Current Planted Height: Approx. 3.7m

Current Width: Approx. 2m

Calliper: 70mm

Root ball dimensions: 700mm D / 1000mm W

Availability: 3



These Metrosideros ‘maungapiko’ NZ natives are a natural hybrid between Pohutukawa and Southern Rata, incorporating good frost tolerance with beautiful large crimson-red flowers through mid-summer. It holds the striking beauty of the southern Rata whilst maintaining the adaptability and vigour of the the Pohutukawa. Originally discovered on Great Barrier Island on the Hauraki Gulf by plantsman Graeme Platt. The mother tree on the island has unfortunately been recklessly destroyed to make way for a road. This species is rare in cultivation and worthy of protection. The 3 specimens we have available are very similar in form and would therefore look impressive being planted as a grove or within large-scale native border planting.

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