» » » Metrosideros ‘excelsa’ . Moon Maiden – Interactive specimen

Metrosideros ‘excelsa’ . Moon Maiden – Interactive specimen

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Common Name: Pohutukawa

Current Form: Spreading, interactive, squat, coastal

Current Planted Height: Approx 2.7m

Current Width: Approx 2.5m

Calliper: multi trunked

Root ball dimension: 1000mm H / 1225mm W

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This yellow flowering Pohutukawa tree of exceptional coastal form calls for children to play and climb in it. It would suit being central to a large sand pit or interactive area to provide shade and interest. This unique tree also lends itself to be in a raised central position with up-lighting to show off its amazing branching structure.

A stunning example of the yellow Pohutukawa.

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