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Phyllocladus trichomanoides

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Common Name: Tanekaha Celery Pine

Current Form: Upright

Tanekaha Tree Number One:

Current Planted Height: Approx 3.5m

Current Width: Approx 2m

Calliper: 90mm

Trunk Before First Branch Height: 40cm

Tanekaha Tree Number Two:

Current Planted Height: Approx 4m

Current Width: Approx 2.4m

Calliper: 100mm

Trunk Before First Branch Height: 57cm

Tanekaha Tree Number Three:

Current Planted Height: Approx 5m

Current Width: Approx 2.4m

Calliper: 90mm

Trunk Before First Branch Height: 40cm


Tanekaha is a native coniferous medium-size forest growing tree. It is an attractive native tree with a conical shape, often found growing naturally with the New Zealand Kauri and commonly grown in the North Island and in the Marlborough/Nelson area. Its common name ‘Celery Pine’ comes from the celery-like foliage of this graceful tree. The Maori made fairly extensive use of Tanekaha, as it is one of the strongest and most flexible native softwoods. These 3 unique specimens are ground-grown with full adult foliage. Our photos show the very pretty miniature fruits that appear in spring/summer.

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