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Pinus ‘thunbergii’

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Common Name: Japanese Stone Pine

Current Form: Upright with strong horizontal laterals

Current Planted Height: Approx 4.2m

Current Width: Approx 3m

Calliper: 120mm

Root ball dimensions: 1000mm D / 1200mm W

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This stout and elegant pine species has a rugged trunk of rough dark red bark with fissures revealing a black underlay. The framework of irregular, layered horizontal branches give the trees wonderfully unique and interesting character. These 2 trees are apt to be planted together and would introduce natural charm in a rural setting; give fascinating dimension in an inner-city Japanese style garden; provide cultural latitude by framing an entranceway to a soft garden. Planted for centuries in Japan these trees can withstand heavy pruning to shape. Coastal hardy. Untrimmed growing to 30m.

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