» » » Pyrus calleryana ‘aristocrat’

Pyrus calleryana ‘aristocrat’

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Common Name: Ornamental Callery Pear

Current Form: Broad conical

Current Planted Height: Approx 4.5m

Current Width: Approx 2.5m

Calliper: 85mm

Root ball dimension: 700mm D / 1000mm W

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A pyramidal growing tree with a spectacular variety between the seasons. Summer offers glossy green leaves combined with exquisite tiny white flowers, turning into striking red foliage in autumn. Then gorgeous masses of white tiny ornamental pears blossom in the spring. This is a striking tree worthy of a central place in a large garden or corner of a courtyard. A more upright habit. Prefers well-drained friable soils. This tree can be clipped in the winter to form a formal shape in a smaller space.