» » » Stenocarpus ‘sinuatus’

Stenocarpus ‘sinuatus’

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Common Name: Queensland Firewheel Tree

Current Form: Multi stem, Bush form

Current Planted Height: Approx 2m

Current Width: Approx 1.8m


Root ball dimensions: 700mm D / 650mm W

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This handsome but slow growing tree is endemic to the rainforests of Australia’s eastern seaboard. Flowering of this tree takes place in only mature specimens of 8-12 years of age. Our specimen has been flowering consistently for the last 3 years with orange to red skittle shaped buds opening to contorted flowers arranged in a cluster that look like spokes on a wheel. This particular Stenocarpus ‘sinuatus’ has been grown as a multi leader specimen to form a large bush. Very rare in cultivation this tree would compliment a warm tropical courtyard or inner city garden. Large lush leaves of green form a dense crown. Plants to accompany this tree would include Tupidanthus ‘calytraptas’, Cinnamonum ‘camphora’, Dypsis ‘baronii’, Cunonia capensis, Strelitzia and Ficus species.

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