» » » Carpinus ‘betulus’ . Interactive specimen Tree

Carpinus ‘betulus’ . Interactive specimen Tree

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Common Name: European Hornbeam

Current Form: Interactive Tree grown with 2 main leaders formed as a U

Current Planted Height: Approx 2.5m

Current Width: Approx 1m


Root ball dimension: 700mm D / 600mm W

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This is definitely an ‘individual tree with unique charm and appeal’ and most certainly lives up to our tagline “Trees Of Distinction”. Nature has decided that this tree should attract attention, capture interest and create wonder, and so has given it this most dramatic trunk formation. Use your imagination to utilize this to its best advantage… interactive play for children  and pets. Train your dog to leap through the trunks and be the skit of the year. Suitable as a opening within a hedge of the same species to a vista beyond, adapted to a quirky place to sit…??? The Carpinus ‘betulus’ is a deciduous species with heavily-textured bright green leaves changing to lovely autumn colours.

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