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Cedrus Atlantica.Glauca

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Common Name: Blue Atlas Cedar

Current Form: Upright

Current Planted Height:

Current Width: Approx


Root ball dimension:

Availability: 2 (price is per tree)



This pair of evergreen conifers have a sort of quiet dignity about them, their pyramidal upright form reaches out its horizontal boughs to display its eloquent clusters of silvery blue needles. They make a fantastic statement tree due to their unique blue hue, which blends in well with the moody colour scheme of masonry, plaster or concrete structures. The Blue Atlas Cedar is native to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Algeria. It likes full sun, is cold and wind hardy, and drought tolerant. Growing habit is usually conical when young as shown in our images, becoming more flat-topped with long spreading branches with age. We have 2 of these in matching height and form, they can be sold together or individually.