» » » Metrosideros ‘excelsa’ – Lawn specimen

Metrosideros ‘excelsa’ – Lawn specimen

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Common Name: Pohutukawa or NZ Christmas Tree

Current Form: Natural coastal form

Current Planted Height: Approx 4m

Current Width: Approx 4.5m

Calliper: 170mm

Root ball dimensions: 1300mm D / 1500mm W

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An outstanding example of a large specimen Pohutukawa, this tree would give immediate character to a large lawn or entrance or other landscape situation, and brings with it the atmosphere of our kiwi culture. This specimen has been described by experienced landscapers as having the best form and structure for a tree of its size. This is the iconic New Zealand Christmas tree kiwis love with its bright crimson flowers heralding the arrival of the summer holiday period.

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