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Prunus ‘shimidsu sakura’

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Common Name: Asahi Botan Cherry

Current Form: Spreading crown

Current Planted Height: Approx 3.2m

Current Width: Approx 2m crown

Calliper : 95mm

Root ball dimension : 700mm D / 1000 mm W

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These 3 attractive trees are very similar in form, so planting them together as a grove or entrance feature would increase the impact and superbly showcase their beauty. The Asahi Botan Cherry Tree is the last of the ornamental cherry tree types to flower. Its flowers appear in the late spring to early summer, and this often coincides with the new growth of bright green foliage. The flowers are double cluster of white and pink and hold well on the trees, given that its later flowering period is after the strong spring winds. It boasts a wonderful fiery orange autumn colour holding into early winter. A gracefully arching tree becoming flat topped with regular pruning.


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