The wishlist is where you can collate your favourites. Please note that adding items to your wishlist does not put the tree on hold for you. (See below for more details on putting trees on hold). The wishlist is simply for your own personal reference. It’s a handy tool when you are thinking ahead for future projects, or if a certain tree appeals to your design style.

To start your wishlist you need to create an account, then browse our collection and ‘Add To Wishlist’ whatever takes your fancy!

Enquire to place this tree on hold   Placing a tree on hold is a commitment to purchase the tree. Boulevard & Boutique require a 30% deposit on trees put on hold. Once on hold the tree will be held and maintained at the Boulevard & Boutique nursery for up to 5 months free of charge. After 5 months a husbandry fee will apply for the tree to be maintained and cared for. If you do not purchase the tree after it has been put on hold your deposit will be forfeited.


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